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Our Granola

Susan’s granola recipe was made with a simple goal: bake something she could feel good about serving to her family. It wasn’t long before she developed a recipe filled with natural ingredients the whole family could enjoy. Now with 6 varieties of granola and new snack options, Lazy Susan’s has something for everyone.

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Susan's Story

After many compliments on her granola, Susan started sharing her baked goods at local NJ famers markets in 2015. It wasn’t long before her customers were wanting more. Since then, her passion for local, feel good food has turned into delicious recipes you’ll come back for again & again.

Made for your family. By ours.

Always Natural,
Always Local

We know you want a breakfast you can feel good about because we do to. That’s why Susan developed her recipe with natural, locally sourced ingredients. Everything at Lazy Susan’s is handmade by Susan just

for you.

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Food you can feel good about

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